News - December 16, 2009

Isric: should we unpack or not?

The executive board admits the emergency move by Isric was not strictly necessary. Now it is not clear where Isric will move to and when.

'There was no question of any acute danger', writes Wageningen board member Tijs Breukink to the management of Isric, the soil science institute that had to move at short notice in November for reasons of fire safety. Nevertheless, Breukink does not think it is a good idea for Isric to move back to Duivendaal. The building there needs some renovations to make it meet modern safety standards. And Breukink is postponing that because the Isric board has indicated that it wants to move into one the ESG buildings on campus. But the staff do not rule out a move back to Duivendaal. The ESG options are Gaia or Atlas. There will be space in these buildings from December, but it may not be not enough. 'The main thing is to have accommodation in one place for the museum, the reception area, the collection, the library and the people', explains Isric director Prem Bindraban. He is going to set up a working group to find the best location for Isric. The institute can stay in building 116 until summer 2010, but staff are hoping a solution will be found before that.