News - February 4, 2010

Isric is waiting for court decision

The Workers' Council is fighting the forced move. Investigation into new location has started

The forced move.
The Isric soil institute is waiting tensely for the court judgement regarding the forced move to the campus. The decision is expected next week.
The lawsuit concerning the relocation problems was brought two weeks ago at the Enterprise Section of the court in Amsterdam. There the ESG workers' council, formally responsible for Isric, pleaded that the forced relocation should be declared unlawful. Isric suddenly had to vacate its premises at Duivendaal in November. ESG management says this was because of fire safety regulations, but Isric disputes this.
The Workers' Council feels ESG director Kees Slingerland did the wrong thing with the sudden move. 'We think Slingerland's decision to relocate Isric was an unreasonable decision. Our point is that ESG lost sight of the human factor', says Workers' Council chairman Kees van Diepen, explaining why they have taken legal action.
Van Diepen is 'relieved' that the five judges in the court of justice are giving serious consideration to the case arguments. 'But really it's shameful that a group of academics need to take such a trivial matter to court.'
Meanwhile, Isric is not sitting still. A broadly-based 'relocation committee' is busy drawing up the options for a new home. The assumption is that it will be a location on ESG's land. The Isric employees will hear the committee's first findings tomorrow (Friday). The committee is looking at the options for a new building, partially new premises or a location in one of the existing buildings: Lumen, Gaia or Atlas.