News - October 5, 2010

International students stay in holiday park again

About seventy foreign students have been given temporary housing since last week in a bungalow park in Hoenderloo. They had a chance to get acquainted at the open air museum in Arnhem on October 1,

Some students feel cold in the Netherlands.
For the third consecutive year, foreign students are housed in Miggelenberg holiday park in Hoenderloo. This involved some seventy students who arrived in Wageningen about a week ago for a one-year professional Masters programme at Van Hall Larenstein.
Previously, Wageningen UR students from other countries who stayed in Hoenderloo had complained about the distance, something which is happening again now.
'It is pretty hard to live in Hoendeloo', says an African student. 'It is too far from Wageningen and the university', his Asian classmate agrees. Although Donaldo Alvarez from Nicaragua is pleased with the accommodation itself, he too feels that it is 'a bit far'. A bus ferries the students morning and evening to and fro.
On Friday, the morning of October 1, the buses headed for the Open Air Museum in Arnhem instead of the Forum in Wageningen. The students had to work in groups to acquire knowledge about Dutch agricultural history in an introductory module.
'In this way, they get acquainted with team work. At the same time, they are introduced to Dutch culture and learn how to access the internet and use the library to collect information', relates lecturer Tracey Campbell. 'Working in groups is a new experience. The global aspect - involving people from Asia, Africa and Latin America - also brought up many interesting insights', adds Alvarez.