News - November 17, 2011

International students fear winter frosts

No-one enjoys having to travel in snow and ice but the international students living in the Maurits barracks in Ede fear the approaching winter will be a disaster for them.

They have little experience of cycling and find the 7 kilometre long bike ride through the snow too dangerous. On the other hand, the return bus ride every day costs too much. They have petitioned the university Board for a shuttle bus but that solution is currently not on the cards.
The Maurits barracks have been home to 102 international students since August. While satisfied with the accommodation, most of the students were staggered by the daily bike ride, says student representative Emma Holmes. She says it came as ‘a big shock' to the many international students who only learnt to cycle in the Netherlands. They are therefore not at all happy about having to cycle over icy roads or through the snow, says Holmes. But a bus ride to campus costs 18 euros a week (12 euros with a discount pass). ‘Many students' finances are tight', says Holmes. ‘They also feel it isn't fair. They never expected to end up in Ede.'
The students' proposals of a shuttle bus or an allowance to cover part of the costs have been rejected by the university. However, a delegation from Wageningen UR will be visiting the Maurits barracks on 21 November to talk to the students.