News - September 29, 2005

International flavours

It has become almost a tradition at the beginning of a new academic year, the Global Meal organised by Crossroads, a project of the Student Chaplaincy Wageningen. Cassava leaves from Sierra Leone, Fijian seafood, Dutch sauerkraut, Mexican tacos and many other dishes from different home countries had been prepared by the students who joined the occasion on Thursday 22 September.

‘Today I want to show some Fijian food,’ tells Maria Elder from Fiji. She has prepared cooked mussels. ‘Typically Fijian, but I only managed to half do it as I could not find any coconut cream.’ Maria is one of the almost thirty students who have come this evening to the Chaplaincy at Duivendaal where the Global Meal is held.
In the middle of the room three tables have been put together. Clean glasses and plates are awaiting all the different dishes that will be served this evening. The students present their dish to the others, telling something about the ingredients and traditions like when to eat it and how. ‘In my country you don’t buy your fish. You just go to the sea and go fishing,’ Maria explains as she presents her seafood dish.

Besides getting to know more about each other’s food and traditions, students have come to get to know other students, both international and Dutch. ‘I want to meet new people from all over the world,’ tells Dutch student Narda van de Krogt. Because she is doing a BSc she has not met many students from abroad. So she came tonight together with some friends and they have brought along a Dutch cake as their contribution.

Halfway through the evening, and many different dishes have passed by. Sulaiman Bangura from Sierra Leona is sitting and looking relaxed as he empties his plate. ‘I like it!’ he says laughing. ‘I am here to taste different food and enjoy.’
Reverend Josine van der Horst of the Chaplaincy is also looking around satisfied. ‘It’s just so much fun. You get a look in each other’s kitchen and sharing food brings people together,’ she says. /LH