News - December 16, 2004

International clubs attract lots of students

The Dutch student clubs attracted more new members this year, compared to the last three years, and the clubs for international students also seem to be attractive.

It is difficult to come up with exact membership figures for the international clubs, because both KSV International and ISOW have short-term memberships, so there’s a lot of coming and going. Nevertheless, KSV International seems to have grown a little in the past year, and now has eighty members. ISOW could not give membership numbers, as it has difficulty keeping track of them. According to Leonardo van den Berg, of ISOW, this is a result of the short-term members and low prices. ‘We think a more reliable estimate is the number of people who receive our weekly newsletter. In the summer we were sending it to 900 people, but this number has slowly declined to 630 as people left over the last half year. Nevertheless, this makes us one of the biggest organisations in Wageningen,’ says Van den Berg. / YdH