News - December 23, 2011

Huirne could have stayed

Ruud Huirne, Director of the Social Sciences Group (SSG), has a new job elsewhere. He is much liked by researchers and managers.

A real pity,' comments Professor Tuur Mol of Environmental Policy. 'We worked well together and kept the lines short.' Huirne is known for being amiable.
In his more than 25 years with Wageningen UR, Huirne's career has grown from strength to strength. Among his positions were director of the Animal Sciences Group and professor of Agricultural Economics. In the past three years, he was director of SSG. 'Ruud is not just a manager, but also very strong academically,' explains Mol. 'As such, you can discuss scientific matters with him.' As a director, he has made valuable contributions. 'SSG is growing and our ties with the rest of the university are increasing. I hope that his successor will continue where he left off,' adds Mol.
During the opening of the academic year, Huirne was named by the Executive Board as a key person for the scientific aspects of the 'golden triangle', together with Maxime Verhagen (from the government) and Bernard Wientjes (from the private sector).
'He could have another four-year term,' says Mol. 'But I'm told that he wants something new. This is a logical step as he has worked together with the private sector a lot and his background is in business economics.'
From February next year, Huirne will be director of Food & Agro at Rabobank. He will continue being attached to Wageningen UR as a part-time professor.