News - September 4, 2013

Huge opening party on campus

Nicolette Meerstadt

Almost 5000 students had subscribed for the the opening party in and around Orion. The univeristy organised the event to celebrate three occasions: its 95th birthday, the opening of the new education building and the fact that it is the best university of the Netherlands for the eighth year in a row.

Students party outside of Orion.

Rector Magnificus Martin Kropff officially opened the party on a stage, by pressing a red button. After a little delay golden ribbons shot through the air and the party really took off.

The stage was situated outside the building. The Partysquad and  DJ’s Vato Gonzales & MC Tjen provided hefty beats and got the crowd dancing. Inside Orion the atmosphere was bit more relaxed. In the lecture rooms the Ill Skill Squad took off its clothes, while Jurg van Inkel entertained the audience with his jokes. Several pop bands performed in student café The Spot.

The organisation of the party wanted to become a trending topic on twitter with #OpeningOrion. Those present were stimulated to tweet. They could vote on the music they wanted to hear. During four hours about 500 tweets with #OpeningOrion were sent. People on twitter also used it  to complain, about the long lines for the beer. And because the music kept people in Bennekom from a peaceful sleep.

Ill Skill Squad in de collegezaal in Orion
Ill Skill Squad in de collegezaal in Orion

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