News - November 9, 2010

Hoogvliet has most organic products

Looking for organic products in Wageningen? Hoogvliet in De Arc is the place to go to. The supermarket stands at number 10 in the Eco list of Friends of the Earth (Milieudefensie).

Friends of the Earth (together with Solidaridad) counted the number of organic and fair trade products in a large number of supermarkets in the Netherlands. It arrived at an average of 90 per shop, compared with 78 last year. This means that fifteen percent more organic products are now on sale. Hoogvliet De Arc in Wageningen has 483 different organic products on its shelves. That is more than five times the amount in an average shop in the Netherlands. This earns it the tenth place nationwide.
Eco Award
The Plus supermarket in Amersfoort (Arnhemseweg) is the indisputable number one with 1035 products, thereby winning the Eco Award. Plus is also the chain with the highest average number of organic products in each of its branches: 210. The Gelderland province alone contains six of the ten shops in the top 10 positions.
Besides Hoogvliet, Friends of the Earth also surveyed five other supermarkets in Wageningen. These sell an average of 181 Eco-products. Hoogvliet was also at the top last year. Since then, its assortment has been increased by 37 products. The list of supermarkets is as follows:
1. Hoogvliet De Arc                      483
2. Albert Heijn Stadsbrink              251
3. C1000 Tarthorst                      185
4. Super de Boer Geertjesweg       88
5. Spar Brinkmanlaan                     79
6. Aldi Churchillweg                      0
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