News - April 6, 2017

High standard in Campus Run

Roelof Kleis

The Campus Run on Wednesday evening, 29 March, attracted more participants than ever. They ran faster than ever too.

Photos: Guy Ackermans

Joep Kluwen completed the circuit in the quickest time. At seven o’clock sharp, exactly 266 runners (mainly students) set off for a maximum of two laps round the campus. That is a record for the Campus Run, which was held for the sixth time. The Campus Run decides who gets picked for the WUR team that will compete in the Batavierenrace. Team leader Laurelynn Cornfield is confident about their chances in that relay race this year. ‘We have been able to put together a strong selection.’

Campus Run 2.jpg

The fastest woman was Lindsey Faken. She ran the 5.5 kilometres in 21.23 minutes, which is a speed of 15.5 km per hour. All the women who were selected ran faster than 14.5 km per hour. The standard was high among the men too. The winner Joep Kluwen ran the race in 17.40 minutes, giving an average speed of 18.7 km per hour. All the men in the Batavierenrace team ran faster than 16.5 km per hour.

Women made up 56 percent of the participants in the Campus Run, which is very much in line with the overall student population in Wageningen.

To view all the outcomes, click here.

Below a serie pictures of the Campus Run.

Campus Run