News - April 6, 2016

Green Office starts campaign for ‘green’ computer use

Rob Ramaker

How do you work most energy efficient on your laptop, pc or device? A campaign of Green Office give employees and students of Wageningen UR tips on ‘green’ behaviour, this month.

Photo: Open Knowledge

UseITSmartly, as the campaign is called, was launched in The Spot on Friday afternoon. Green Office showed a movie about efficient use of resources and held a pub quiz on energy efficient IT-behaviour.

Flyers that will be handed out this month, give employees and students seventeen tips for ‘green’ behaviour. Many of these speak for themselves. Such as turning the computer off when not using it, reading documents from a screen instead of printing them. However, Green Office also give tips on installing energy efficient apps and the use of energy saving search engines such as Blackly, which has a dark background.

‘People need to become more aware that they can make a difference with small things’, says Roos Akkerman of Green Office. This understanding is the first step to real behavioural change. ‘That is of course the real ambition.’ Akkerman does not have any hard facts about the impact of the different tips (yet). However, Green Office has plans for more IT projects. For example to see how green the practice of the IT department of Wageningen UR is.

People need to become more aware that they can make a difference with small things.
Roos Akkerman, Green Office

This department supports the campaign, says Stephen Janssen, service level manager for FB-IT. ‘We are a sustainable university and take this into account, for example when purchasing new products.’ Except for equipment also the behaviour of the user determines the energy use, says Janssen: ‘You need to use this efficiently. So turn off your pc and laptop when you are not using it.’

Beforehand the FB-IT also helped with the tips and the department is organizing an excursion to the datacentre Hyperion during the campaign month. However, the tips will not appear on all the WUR-pc’s as reminder, says Janssen. ‘This is technically possible, but there are many messages that we as an organization want to share with our employees. Before you know it also Resource and intranet want this.’