News - December 17, 2014

Grand student ball – win a night in a hotel

Nicolette Meerstadt

Nine study associations are joining forces for the first joint ball for Wageningen students. The party will take place on 19 February in the Reehorst in Ede, and the first 70 tickets have already been sold.

Ipso Facto, the International Development study association, came up with the idea of throwing a big party together with all the study associations. Most of them were enthusiastic but some already had plans for their own balls or anniversary celebrations. Strictly speaking, only members of the nine associations are allowed to buy tickets, but they are allowed to bring as many guests as they like. The dress code for this ball is black tie, which means the ladies can wear cocktail dresses if they like, and the gentlemen can get away with a dinner jacket. Since 2015 is not a leap year, a gentleman is supposed to invite his (hoped-for) date in a letter on blue paper with silver letters. The lady responds with a pink letter with gold letters, inviting him to tea. The warmth of her interest is reflected in the kind of goodies served with the tea. A cream cake means bingo. If you order your ticket this year you have a chance of winning an appropriate prize: spending the night of the gala at the venue. And no, we don’t mean under a table in a corner of the ballroom or in the bus shelter outside, but in a real hotel room. So you can really have a ball. For more info and to order tickets, go to