News - February 26, 2015

GNSK 2018 probably in Wageningen

Linda van der Nat

The chances are that Wageningen will host the major sports tournament GNSK in 2018. The university will be celebrating its centenary in 2018 and a second sports hall will have been completed at De Bongerd. Good enough reasons to get 1500 sporty students to Wageningen, reckons Thymos.

The sports association is  currently the only one to have volunteered  to organize the GNSK in  2018. ‘We have good reasons to get  the GNSK to Wageningen. So we  hope the other student sports  councils will not bother to claim  2018,’ says Merijn Moerland, chair  of Thymos.  The Big Dutch Students Championship, which is what GNSK  stands for, is one of Holland’s biggest  student sports events. Sporty  students from all the country’s  university towns compete in 15  different sports: eight sports  which feature every time, and a  number of other options which  vary from one tournament to the  next.

‘It is a great event,’ says Thymos  board member Erik Bos. ‘A  combination of sport and partying,  and that for three days in a  row.’ The last time Wageningen  hosted the GNSK was 1999. The  57th tournament will take place in  Amsterdam this year. The decision  on the 2018 venue will be taken  next year by the sports councils of  all the university towns. Until then  it is a question of lobbying and exercising  patience.