News - December 7, 2011

French dance in Hoekelum

International student societies IxESN and ISOW get together more and more often nowadays. Last Saturday, they held a joint gala ball on Hoekelum estate.

About 75 tickets were sold for the first gala event for international students. That was less than what the organizers had hoped for; therefore, a financial success it was not. 'But the mood was great, and this was but the first time. We are certainly going to do this again, but we will pick a more convenient date,' says Christine, an ISOW board member.
The gala was meant as a farewell party for Erasmus students who will return home this Christmas. Several students from India, China and Sri Lanka wore the traditional attire of their countries. DJ Paulo played music from various continents.
For Christine, the highlight of the evening was the French dance. French students sitting together on the floor lifted someone on their hands. 'A nice way to end the evening.'