News - June 24, 2010

Forestry student is frontman of metal band

Lord Volture have finally brought out their first CD after three years of rehearsals. ‘It is metal in a traditional form’, explains the band’s frontman, David Marcelis. The main target group the Geo-Information Science student has in mind for his music is people over forty. ‘Lots of people at Wageningen aren’t that interested in this kind of music.'

Lord Volture, band frontman David Marcelis in the foreground.

Pleased with the CD presentation?
'Sure. We worked on this project for more than three years so we wanted to finish in style. The turnout for the presentation in Boxtel was in line with expectations and we got an enthusiastic response. There were new people in the audience as well as the familiar faces. We had more than a hundred people turn up and sold eighty CDs.'
How did the preparations go?
'I've played in bands before. I've learnt from experience that a central manager is required. Everyone is waiting for someone else to take the initiative. I was the one who took the lead in Lord Volture. Four or five of us met up every week to rehearse. It took up a lot of time; over the past six months I've been spending at least three days a week on Lord Volture.'
And after all that you press five hundred CDs? That is not many.
'We have a select target group, ranging from long-haired black metal fans to people who you would never expect from their appearance would be into our music. We aim to reach that target group over the entire world so we expect to sell most through downloads. Our dream is to perform at Wacken Open Air in a few years time. That is the largest metal festival in the world. Other people want to go on a trip round the world but this is my dream.'
You are obviously already world famous in Wageningen.
'Not exactly; there's not much going on in this kind of music in a small town like Wageningen. Our biggest target group really consists of people aged about forty who want to relive the music from the seventies.'
What makes you so keen to create music for people in their forties?
'This genre is really dynamic, sombre and dark; I like that. The title of the CD, Beast of Thunder, refers to our fear of the unknown. Down through history, many notions have come about because people were afraid and didn't understand what they were seeing.'
Do you have such a sombre and dark view of the world?
'Oh no, it's more a philosophical statement. People always want to control the world. We do that with religion, or indeed with scientific models. I try to ask questions in my music without giving an answer. What should we be permitted to do to the earth?'
That sounds typically Wageningen.
'My Bachelor's in Forestry and Nature Management obviously influenced some of our lyrics. Wageningeners interested at all in metal should definitely listen to the number Time will tell. You can listen to it for free via'