News - June 27, 2012

Food4You again in centre of Wageningen

October will see Food4You being held again in the town centre of Wageningen. A Wageningen entrepreneurs' lobby has reversed the intention to move the event to the campus.

The organizing committee had already announced in March that the event would be held on campus. Food4You would have to be shorter and held on a smaller scale this year because the sponsor contract with surrounding municipalities had ended. In addition, the organizing committee was not happy about the increasing 'festive content' and wanted a stronger emphasis on knowledge.
'We agree with this objective,' says Martin Ruiter, chairman of the Wageningen Entrepreneurs Contact, 'but feel that it does not require a move to the campus.' Ruiter discloses that he approached Aalt Dijkhuizen, one of the board members of Food4You. After meetings with entrepreneurs and town hall officials, a decision has now been reached to hold the event again in and around Duivendaal.
With the town centre being the venue of the festival again, entrepreneurs can play their part, says Ruiter. 'They can perhaps organize something without charging.' Direct sponsoring is also a possibility;  details have yet to be worked out. According to Ruiter, entrepreneurs could also do something substantial. 'Besides the exchange and transfer of know-how, knowledge application is also important.'
An application has been submitted for a subsidy, which is being processed, says a spokesperson from the municipality. 'The requested amount is much lower than the earlier subsidy of 50,000 euros,' says Elisa Salentijn of Corporate Communications, 'but I will not go into the exact sum.' The lion's share of the funding will come from the chief sponsor VGZ, the Gelderland provincial government and the organizers, one of which is Wageningen UR.
Salentijn does not think that the participation of entrepreneurs would again give the event a festive character, such as having a ferris wheel last year. 'Our concept is clear, and this centres on knowledge. Moreover, we will have more control of the event this time and there will be just one organizing agency.' Salentijn also stresses that Duivendaal may not necessarily be the location again next year.
Food4you will take place from 3 to 8 October, with salt as the theme.