News - November 18, 2011

Flirting in Forum

What do you do when you spot a sweet thing sitting in the library? Nothing, really. Because you have no guts, not without first having a beer. Luckily, there's

Schatje.jpg is the newest way to flirt. When you see someone you like in the university, place an alluring text on the site. Throw in a time, a place and a brief description of your appearance.
These genial examples are already on it:
'You could do with a shave but your masculinity is also quite a turn-on.'
'Not sure if you are hetero but for a one-night stand, that's not so important :p'
'You asked if I could give you a hand, but in fact, I didn't want to leave when I was done. I hope to sit next to you again tomorrow xx'
In short, you can expect the first biddys marriage soon.
BTW, there are still no WU or VHL locations on the site, but not for long. If you know a nice place to flirt in, mail the web-builders.
What in fact is a Biddy?
According to the Urban Dictionary,
'To get girls, attract girls, mack honnies.'  
Used, for example, in the following sentence: 'Damn homie u is pullin biddys.'