News - February 14, 2013

'Families no longer feel at home'

Who? Marije Eleveld, councillor for housing in Ede
What? Wants to set limits to the number of student houses in the Veldhuizen neighbourhood in Ede
Why? There have been complaints from residents

What were the complaints?
'There were various problems, from noise to a different day and night rhythm. Most of the problems came up where they are lots of student houses in one street. Families no longer feel at home in that situation.'
Why do you want to insist on permits for student housing?
'The zoning plan does not allow for the subletting of rooms in houses in residential suburbs. We have not been very strict about that at the town council, but it is an illegal situation. The complaints of the past year have obliged us to take action.'
Are you going to actively turf students out of Ede?
'No, as a council we think it is important that students can live in suburban neighbourhoods too. We see that it contributes to diversity. In Veldhuizen they make in important contribution to social cohesion through the various events they organize. We are going to find out where student housing is and is not desirable, right across Ede.'
Are Wageningen students still welcome?
They are definitely welcome. In Bennekom and at the barracks in Ede, buildings have even been refurbished as student residences, mainly for WUR students. Elsewhere in Ede most of the students are at the CHE [an applied sciences college in Ede, ed.]