News - December 13, 2010

Extra year for Master's students too

Dutch students are to be given a year’s grace during their Master’s course as well as their Bachelor’s, after all. Only when this extra time runs out will they be expected to pay 3,000 euros extra in tuition fees. This softens the controversial new rules on students who take their time over their studies.

The Dutch cabinet made this decision today. It means that students who do a Bachelor's followed by a Master's have an extra two years to finish at the normal tuition fee rate. The extra year is a gesture towards students who may wish to take some extra courses, who are doing a particularly heavy science degree programme, or who want to spend some time on management tasks with a student organization. Students with a disability, who have a right to an extra year's grant, also get an extra extension year, so they have a maximum of three extra years. All those who extend their student careers keep their right to apply for student loans, currently to a maximum of 8,565 euros. For students who do a second course of studies in health care or education, the timer is put back to zero, so they get the extra year for both Bachelor's and Master's the second time round too.