News - January 17, 2013


Biodiversity is rapidly going downhill. Even the pubic louse is threatened with extinction. The reason is that its natural habitat is being devastated. Since the invention of the Brazilian wax, the 'forests' down south are being uprooted and the pubic louse is increasingly homeless. Workers at an Australian sexual health clinic have sounded the alarm: they haven't seen a single specimen since 2008.


Longing to appear on Dutch TV, but preferably not on Lingo? Seize your chance: Broadcasting company Talpa is making a new knowledge quiz with Linda de Mol. Three hundred students and three Dutch celebs will do battle for a pot of money and the title 'Best student in the Netherlands.' How many grandchildren does Queen Beatrix have?  How much whisky is there in an Irish coffee? If you don't know, just guess. After all the show is called 'How should I know?' Apply at www.rtnl/weetikveel
Can you trust someone because of their big blue eyes? Nope, say Czech psychologists. Their research results suggest that the brown-eyed are more trustworthy than the blue-eyed. Except when it comes to strong-jawed men - the colour of their eyes makes no difference. Hmm. We wonder. The study doesn't say whether women with blue eyes can't be trusted.
Red beard
Polish and Dutch scientists can now determine eye and hair colour from a little bit of genetic material. A chip of tooth from the middle ages, for instance, is enough. Now that is real CSI for you. The technique opens up new vistas for historians, evolutionary research and forensic science.