News - June 7, 2006

EU compensation

State Secretary for Education Marc Rutte and the Dutch parliament cannot agree about the future of expenses compensation for EU students. The Raulin compensation, as it is called, is intended to promote the mobility of students within the EU. At present European students in the Netherlands can use it to pay for up to seventy per cent of their tuition fees. In the university education plans of Rutte, however, the compensation will be abolished and replaced by the ‘tuition fee credit’. Rutte: ‘And for the rest we assume that study financing will be ‘transferable’. That means that students from EU countries will be able to call on their own country for compensation. After all we finance our students who go abroad to study as well.’ The CDA and the PvdA political parties are worried that getting rid of the compensation will make the Netherlands less attractive to European students. / HOP, SVO