News - May 26, 2011

Edutainment about algae

Who? Dorinde Kleinegris, the Algenieurs team captain.
What? The Algenieurs are Wageningen's entry for the Academic Annual Prize.
Why? They got the most votes from the public in the first round. They will hear whether they have reached the final on 30 May.

What is your idea in a nutshell?
‘Edutainment about algae. One of the elements is an online game in which you grow virtual algae. You have to grow enough to power a flight to Australia. The winner gets to spend a week in our lab.'
How did you get all those votes?
'It seems being green and sustainable is cool these days and no longer just for tree-hugging yoghurt eaters. We were getting mentioned in the strangest places, for example on the size of an accommodation provider in Amsterdam.'
Did you get many tips from the Vliegkunstenaars (last year's winners, also from Wageningen)?
'Of course we looked at what they did. A strong point is that the general public can get involved. And then there is the enthusiasm you bring to your idea, which we have too!'