News - January 28, 2016

Duivendaal to become forum, courtyard or park

Roelof Kleis

The future of the Duivendaal site, Wageningen UR’s former ‘campus’ in the town centre, is still undecided. That was clear last week in the second public information evening about Duivendaal. Town planner Marlies Rohmer presented three options: Duivendaal as forum, courtyard or park.

Duivendaal as Forum

Duivendaal als Hof
Duivendaal als Hof

According to Rohmer, all three embody that typical ‘Duivendaal feel’, meaning greenery, a mix of functions and a central place for the listed buildings on the site. None of the plans retain Wageningen UR’s former administration centre. The huge Meteo building is also set to go.

The Forum plan features detached buildings, similar in appearance to the existing listed buildings, encircling a central area with squares. The Courtyard plan consists of various U-shaped courtyards, each with an unusual tree in the middle. The Park plan differs in that it encompasses the adjoining the Plantsoen road. The residential buildings mainly take the form of two rows of houses along Costerweg.

Duivendaal als Park
Duivendaal als Park

The three scenarios are still at the design stage. An important question is whether the Hof van Wageningen hotel wants to move to new premises in Duivendaal or not. Duivendaal will have room for a variety of functions. Around 70 percent of the buildings will be used as residential accommodation. Student housing is also a possibility.

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