News - February 25, 2016

Debate on referendum

Rob Ramaker

Geen idee of je in april voor of tegen het associatieverdrag met Oekraïne moet stemmen? Op 15 maart kun je je mening scherpen tijdens een politiek café bij studentenvereniging KSV Franciscus.

Photo: tgraham

Guests will be informed about the association agreement between the EU and the Ukraine and there will be a debate between a supporter and an opponent of the agreement, says organizer Hugo de Vries, a PhD candidate at Microbiology. De Vries is one of the ‘golden’ volunteers at GeenPeil, a Dutch platform that came out of the popular weblog Geenstijl and which pressed for a referendum on the issue. De Vries himself is against the association treaty and the EU’s ‘drive to expand’, but he wants to conduct ‘a neutral campaign’.