News - June 13, 2013


What? City of cultures International festival Where? Around Duiven­daal and Junushoff, Wageningen town centra When? 15 June from 15.30 tot 24.00 Costs? Free More information?

They have already been picked for the catwalk at Duivendaal.
With 160 different nationalities in a population of only 30,000, Wageningen is surprisingly diverse - thanks in no small measure to the presence of Wageningen UR. There is strength in diversity, the organizers of the   City of Cultures festival believe, so they will be showcasing Wageningen's multi culti identity in all its glory on 15 June. Around Duivendaal you can enjoy food, music and of course people from all around the world.

The high point of the day is to be a colourful fashion show featuring about 45 traditional costumes from a range of different cultures. The organizers also urge visitors to come in traditional dress. There will be a wide variety of music (folk, African guitar, gypsy music) and dance (flamenco, Indian dance, belly dancing). Between the acts you can stroll down an international street, taste exotic snacks, learn about new cultures and buy souvenirs. And if you are worried about your country not being represented, you can set up your own stall for free.
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