News - July 3, 2014

Calm before construction storm

Roelof Kleis

While Helix has pretty much reached its highest point, behind the scenes plenty of hard work is being done on the next construction projects: Campus Plaza and the Incubator on the ‘Business Strip’ of the campus.

The first spade must break ground for this complex of buildings before the end of the year. This tight schedule is still feasible, says Ad van der Have (Facilities & Services). 

Yet final designs still aren’t available. ‘Recently we have been focused mainly on the zoning plan and everything related to it. Such as a visual quality plan for the entire Business Strip, which has now been completed. The zoning plan procedure is the critical path in the planning.’ Van der Have expects Wageningen’s municipal council to pass a decision on the plans in September/October. Meanwhile, the architects are working on the final design. 

Campus Plaza will broadly resemble the accompanying illustration produced by the firm SVP Architectuur en Stedenbouw in Amersfoort. The building will accommodate 400 student homes. On the ground floor 2200 square metres will be available for shops, including a small supermarket, hospitality and catering and a childcare centre. According to Van der Have 15 businesses have applied to date, including a supermarket, a bicycle
repair shop and a bakery. Ten candidates have applied to provide the child-care facilities.