News - August 29, 2011

Buy your books this week

Massive queues in front of the WUR shop: each year this is a recurrent nuisance facing students wanting to buy books. Anyone wishing to avoid this peak shopping time will be best off collecting their books and readers before this week is out.
‘I’m expecting the biggest rush on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 September,’ says Steven ter Velde, owner of the WUR shop in Forum.

 'Right now we only have the first-years coming in, next week the other years will be back. We will then open up at 8 am and keep going till the queues have been dealt with - if necessary till 7 pm. So if you happen to be in Wageningen already, you'd better come in this week.'
Book sales are time-consuming because students have to assemble their listed titles on the spot. The student council is therefore in favour of a system using electronic orders. Students could pre-order and pre-pay via internet, and the WUR shop would then have a ready-made parcel waiting for them.
According to Ter Velde this plan is not yet workable, because some lecturers are late handing out their syllabuses.
Three Times
The WUR shop spends a lot of time on international students, on average 15 to 20 minutes on each. Ter Velde: 'They tend to come in three times: the first time they come unprepared; the second time they know what they need; and the third time they bring their money.'