News - June 23, 2011

Broad support for Movie W petition

Wageningen student union WSO criticizes the Executive Board's lack of a vision for culture. The mayor of Wageningen has given his support to the campaign to save Movie W.

WSO's petition objecting to the cuts to Movie W resulted in no time in more than 2,500 signatures. The signatures were handed over to the Rector Magnificus Martin Kropff on Wednesday 22 June. The petition, entitled WURthy Culture, is an initiative by WSO and is in response to the decision to end subsidies for the art-house cinema Movie W. The signatories feel that Wageningen UR should take responsibility for the cultural education of students and staff and therefore continue to support Movie W. One of the signatories is Geert van Rumund, the mayor of Wageningen.
WSO chairperson Karmijn van den Berg considers the protest a success and hopes the Executive Board will reconsider the cuts. 'The Executive Board should think hard about its cultural policy. We are not necessarily for Movie W or opposed to cuts but there is simply no policy at all at the moment. The situation is completely unpredictable.'
Simon Vink, spokesperson for the Executive Board, says the petition will not have any effect on the position it has taken. 'It is not Wageningen UR's duty to keep afloat an independent society that shows films, especially if there are options for housing it somewhere else in Wageningen. Cultural education is not a priority task or responsibility for Wageningen UR but we do make a contribution. Take the art route we developed, for example, or the art in our buildings and the various events we take part in.' Vink says Wageningen UR is holding talks with Movie W, although that has not yet resulted in a concrete offer.