News - January 21, 2010

Borney's Bar to stay closed

The Bornsesteeg flats bar is to remain closed until a new use can be found for the place. Discussions between the residents and Idealis have not changed that situation.

Housing corporation Idealis closed the bar in August because the people running it did not have the required bar trade papers. There had also been complaints from local people about the noise.
Idealis met with the residents before Christmas to discuss the matter. It has now become clear that Borney's is to stay closed. Idealis will work with the international residents to find a new use for the place. Then it can be back in use in the course of the coming year.
Communication problems
Aogan Delaney, the chairman of the group running Borney's bar, says the bar trade papers are not the problem. The current management is qualified to run the bar. 'Idealis thinks the bar can't stay open because of its international nature', he says. Foreign students are often only in the Netherlands for a short period and that apparently causes bar-staffing continuity problems. Delaney: 'We have come up with solutions for the language and continuity problems. However, Idealis was not prepared to discuss them. Idealis' attitude to international students is discriminatory and unethical.'
No discrimination
Leila Mulder, Idealis representative, confirms that reopening the bar is not an option. 'The meeting area will reopen but not as a bar. There have been too many problems in the past. If the same situation had arisen at any of the other buildings, we would have taken the same measures. There has definitely been no discrimination. Indeed, Idealis thinks it is particularly important to find a new use for Borney's in consultation with the international residents.'