News - November 21, 2013

Blog: Saladeningen

'It's great that Wageningen is so international, but people do not integrate.' It’s a common complaint isn’t it? The Greek stick together like the 300 at the Thermopylae, the Spanish only siesta with the Spanish and the Chinese buy their food from the Kofferbakchinees, a car boot on campus.

There are videos about lunch tables, segregated by nationality and the lonely guy at the Bornsesteeg probably still roams the corridors at night, in search of friends of his kind. The word melting pot comes to mind when thinking about Wageningen. Personally, I prefer the term 'salad bowl', it works much better. 

Wageningen is a bowl full of weird, colorful ingredients like potatoes, feta, birds nests, half-rotten fruit from the fruit mafia and organic quinoa with Dutch tomatoes and tons of olive oil. This is not your average ready made from Albert Heijn. There is so much variety in ingredients that it seems impossible to find a dressing that pulls everything together. All the ingredients are amazing, but they don’t seem to mix all too well and they definitely don’t melt and form a homogenous mass. So we have to go and pick out those ingredients that we like best.

I agree, it's surprising how reluctant most people are to try out some new things. In that sense, we are all like little kids - we prefer those flavors that we are familiar and comfortable with.

When I have some friends over, I tell them that this salad is probably the best dish this town has on offer. But if some rather eat french fries with mayo every day I am more than happy to leave them to it. 


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