News - November 7, 2014

Blog: Friends in Forum

For a year now I've been spending so many hours at Forum every day, just to see the crowd and meet my friends. Despite all the many other buildings to choose from, I feel most comfortable hanging out with friends or studying or having group discussions there.

There are many different reasons for this, but the major one due to the different class schedules of my friends every period. We are a bit detached from each other during different courses. So whenever possible we hang out by drinking coffee during class breaks or free hours.

Though my classes are generally in the social sciences building Leeuwenborch, there has not been a day when I have not gone to the Forum. Forum is no less than a shopping mall for an international student like me. When I get bored I go to Forum with the certainty of meeting a well-known face.

Back in my home country, we used to have a group of friends who all followed the same course. We used to hang out everyday after the morning classes. In Wageningen however, we either meet up during lunch, which is very rare, or during the coffee breaks or in the Forum. At times, we even call each other for dinner.

To sense it in other way, it has the added an advantage that I got to know and make many new friends. Thanks to the Forum. For me Forum will always remain a place to make a new friend or to hang out with the friends. Study in Forum is just an excuse.