News - July 1, 2015

Blog: the morning alarm

Do you really need an alarm to wake up? If you have trained your mind to the biological rhythm of time, I think it shouldn’t be necessary. But have you trained your mind? Frankly, I have not and I think I can never.

For me the alarm clock is the greatest enemy. It does not allow my dreams to be completed. It is a necessary evil. I want to break it and throw it out of my window every morning, but eventually I am thankful for waking me up so that I don't miss lectures. 

I wonder how many people depend on the alarm to wake up in the morning. Has there been any research on it? Or does everybody depend on their alarm clocks nowadays?

As for me, I have three different alarm timings, with an interval of 15 minutes. And I have made sure that my alarm device is out of reach. I have to actually get out of bed to turn it off. I have also made sure that it has the most annoying sound. My first alarm reminds me that it is almost time to wake up. I just turn it off and continue my sleep.  My second alarm tells me that I am now getting my last 15 minutes of happy sleep. This way, the third alarm makes sure that I really wake up with full attention.

I have known my grandmother waking up every morning hearing the sounds of chirping birds. She never needed to see any clock or depended on any device to wake up. But me? Sometimes I don’t even hear the loud alarm clock, so forget about waking up by the sounds of some birds. It would feel really amazing to have that skill but I guess I lost it with the use of modern technology. It always is a dilemma to think about nature versus human's creation. But whatever dilemma exists, it is true that the alarm has always been a necessary evil and at the same time my best buddy in my life. Hopefully, it will be in future too.