News - March 28, 2012

Bird's eye view of the campus

The yellow cranes on the campus, used for the construction of Orion, are also great for filming the surroundings.

What does the campus look like from up there? Quite different, in fact. Forum has big openings in its roof and is just a small block compared with the 'star flat'. The buildings of the Plant Sciences Group are much bigger than they appear to be from the Droevendaalsesteeg. The foundation for the new Friesland Campina building resembles white stripes in the sand, while that for the Stoas University of Applied Sciences (beside NIOO) hints at a circular building rising up on this spot.
Another aspect which catches the eye is that Wageningen lies in a green belt stretching  from Wageningen Hill to the Veluwe beyond Bennekom, the meadows in the 'binnenveld' and right up to the forests of the Grebbe Hill.
Resource and Communication Services are jointly filming the construction of Orion - from the ground-breaking in June 2011 up to the delivery of the building in early 2013. That was why we went up in the tallest crane -  60 metres high - on Monday. The crane operator was kind enough to 'show us round'.