News - June 29, 2015

Video: Bird's eye view of Helix

Koen Guiking

Images filmed with a drone show what Helix looks like from above. Watch the video here.

Some time ago, Resource already gave a sneak preview of the inside of Helix. Now, we can also show you a bird's eye view of the new building of the Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group.

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Completion of Helix will take another two weeks, says project manager Nanne Groot. 'This time is needed to tune the installations.'

In the second half of August, the first chair groups will be moved from De Dreijen to Helix, starting with parts of Human Nutrition and Microbiology. It will take until December before all groups are over. The move of laboratory equipment takes some time. 'Most equipment is already built in,' says Groot, 'but loose equipment, such as flow cabinets and chemical cupboards, still has to be moved.'