News - September 11, 2014

Big growth for Unitas

Rob Goossens

Unitas seems to be popular with first-years this year. The youth club attracted over 50 percent more new members than previous years. ‘Perhaps our image helped.’

It will come as a surprise to many that of all the bigger societies in Wageningen it is Unitas which has managed to reel in the most new members. By a long way in fact. While they did not get beyond 45 new members last year, now 70 aspiring members have already signed up for the introduction. And around 10 more are still expected to do so. 

Unitas is not sure itself exactly what to put the increase down to, but chair Annieck Diks thinks the extra party during the AID played a role. ‘We used to just have one big party at the AID, the Top 100, and now we had two.’ Nor does she exclude the possibility that it is the club’s alternative image that appeals to the students of 2014. ‘Our image may well have helped. Unlike the other big societies, there are not many group commitments here and the emphasis is on personal development. In any case I hear from new members that they feel a connection with the people they meet here.’

The success will come as a surprise to many people, in view of the struggles the youth club has faced over accommodation. Earlier this year a court ruled that the license for the building on the Industrieweg where Unitas has been since 2012 was not legitimate. This was the verdict hoped for by the local residents who took the case to court. Unitas is now looking for a new home.

Photo: Picture of an introduction at Unitas a few years ago.