News - June 9, 2010

Bicycle wreck

My bicycle is my most pathetic piece of property. 'If you're lucky, it will easily last another year', the salesman says. That's sales talk, I thought.

Meanwhile, it's been two years down the road, with five Euros written off each year.
Its brakes are completely worn out. Last week, I had to bang against a roadside kerb in an emergency, to avoid a collision with approaching vehicles. When I'm pedalling, the bicycle squeaks, groans and rattles (and this gets louder as the days go by). When I mount it in the morning, I know that I wouldn't hear anything more miserable the entire day. Everyone can see that the thing is in an acute state of deterioration, and still, I make it work day in and day out. (My father tells me that he is doomed to the same fate, now that the retirement age is as good as having been raised.)
Today, the back wheel begins to stray so badly that I am no longer able to stay on the right side of the road. I had to move my buttocks left and right to keep in balance. This is a bicycle which the user should abandon to its permanent state of drunkenness. I keep steering the handlebar ever so often, but my bicycle hardly responds anymore. Pedalling faster doesn't help either. It's as if I have a limiting device which slows down my journey constantly. I have the feeling that the back wheel can come off any moment. Slowly, I lose my balance. Only then do I cautiously accept the fact that it's finally over. What a pity! This bicycle is what makes me 'a student'.  A working person would find it totally irresponsible to keep on using this wreck. In fact, I don't fit into the image of a student - I hardly drink beer and am unsuitable for advertisements for Hi - but my bicycle says it all for me. A glimpse of it is all it takes to remove any doubt that I am studying.
With a sigh, I discard my identity into the scrap metal yard (where, as a matter of fact, it also came from). Does anyone have a new bicycle wreck for me? I will pay ten Euros for it.