News - September 17, 2009

Best PhD on development by Rutgerd Boelens

Dr. Rutgerd Boelens, professor of Irrigation and water engineering at Wageningen University, has won the Thesis Award. Boelens produced the best thesis on international development from a Dutch university in 2007 and 2008.

He graduated in April 2008 with a thesis on irrigation water management in the Andes, and the power strategies involved.
The thesis prize was established by the Amsterdam Institute for International Development , and will be awarded on 23 September by Secretary of State Jan Kees de Jager. What the prize is will be revealed at the award ceremony. Boelens’ guess is that it will be a plane ticket.
But for him the recognition is more important than the prize itself. ‘It is a critical thesis in which I question some hallowed institutions and models of development. I’m glad they have the guts to reward that.’
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