News - May 27, 2004


“Thirteen euros for good bananas? No deal. This is a dynamic market, you know that, and I have a family to support.” That’s how a banana producer negotiated in the banana chain game last Monday, 24 May. About fifteen chain experts from all corners of the globe played the game during a two-day workshop on ‘Experimental learning in chains and networks’. The game was developed by Agro-systems Science student Sietse Sterrenburg together with his supervisor PhD student Guillermo Zuniga-Arias. The participants play producers, multinationals and retailers, who have to buy bananas, pass them on to retailers and transport them as well. Sponges with little flags were used to represent the banana boats. Zuniga-Arias is planning to use the game in Costa Rica to convince producers’ organisations that they can benefit from mutual cooperation.

Guido van Hofwegen