News - May 10, 2012

Aqua Wars

'Oh Paulo! You know what I wanted to say.........'. I did not have time to finish my sentence before, literally, swallowing a small tidal wave of swimming pool water. Coughing and spluttering, I tried to get my breath, and dignity, back.

Finally having composed myself, I glared at my giggling Brazilian friend. This seems to have become a trend for us, aqua-gym was no longer about getting fit or having fun, it was war. Paulo gave me an evil grin, first point to him.
Somehow, weeks ago, Paulo convinced me to join him at an aqua-gym session. I don't know how he was able to drag me away from Ede at 10pm on a Monday night. Yet, several weeks on it has become a much enjoyed regular outing.
I do believe the aqua-gym teacher thinks the two of us are slightly insane, she can't help smiling at us though. Paulo doesn't agree, he thinks it is just me who isn't quite sane. I admit that I like singing along, mostly out of tune or with the wrong lyrics, to the music being played. However, his dance moves and facial expressions are at least as enthusiastic as mine.
In the beginning, it was just Paulo and me aqua-gym-ing, now though we bring quite a community of friends along with us. The sessions are very friendly and I find that I can, and do, talk to everybody.
As the teacher called for our attention and started a new move, everybody including Paulo was watching her instruction, perfect.  As he stood hands in the air, my foot pushed into the back of his knees and down he went with a satisfying squeal. The whole class and teacher  turned to look, I told them I wasn't mad  -  but I do get even!  Second point to me.