News - March 29, 2018

Another step towards open access

Roelof Kleis

Agreements between the Dutch Universities Association VSNU and the publishers Springer and Oxford University Press have brought open access publishing one step closer this week.


The deal with Oxford University Press (OUP) means that until 2020, all articles by Dutch researchers in OUP’s ‘hybrid’ journals will be freely available to anyone. Hybrid journals are those to which the library has a subscription and in which authors can publish open access at no additional cost. For WUR, though, OUP is a minor player. Only one percent of the roughly 2.7 million euros the library spends on publishers every year goes to OUP.

A deal was also reached with Springer Nature earlier this week. The German publisher is a pioneer in the field of open access. Last year, there was open access to 84 percent of all Dutch articles in Springer Nature journals. After Sweden, that is the highest proportion in Europe.

Eerder deze week werd ook een akkoord met het Duitse Springer Nature bereikt. Springer Nature is de grote voorloper op het gebied van open access. VSNU sloot in 2014 de eerste overeenkomsten voor een combinatie van abonnement en open access af met de Duitse uitgeverij. Vorig jaar was 84 procent van alle Nederlandse artikelen in bladen van Springer Nature open access toegankelijk. Dat is na Zweden het hoogste percentage in Europa.

The VSNU reached the first agreements with Springer Nature on a combination of a subscription with open access in 2014. The contract has now been extended until 2021. For WUR, Springer is a major publisher, accounting for 10 percent of its spending on journals and books.

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