News - February 28, 2011

Alterra scores with mega-barn app

Alterra wins the Dutch broadcasting company VPRO's App in a Day competition. The Wageningen team's app looks for a suitable location for a mega-barn.

VPRO set up the App in a Day project to find out what unusual applications might be possible with geographical data. Ten teams of programmers, geographical information specialists and designers took on the task of building an app that had to be completed within one day.
The five-member Alterra team wanted to know what was still possible in which locations in the Netherlands. They took the case of having to find a location for a mega-barn. In the app, the user can see what would be the best places to build a mega-barn in the Netherlands based on geographical data and a Public Acceptance Factor that the team thought up themselves. The Wageningen app eventually won first prize, with a highly favourable jury report: 'They were thoroughly prepared and were able to produce an application that worked pretty well. Could you use this idea for nuclear power plants too?'
Team member Inge la Riviere: 'The app is not yet robust - that would be impossible after only one day's work. But this approach could be used to let the general public have a say in spatial plans.'