News - May 28, 2009


Albron caterers get 6.1 out of 10 from the students and staff of Wageningen UR, who think the prices in the canteens are too high. This has emerged from an online survey held by the caterers in the autumn of 2008.

Nearly three thousand people filled in the questionnaire. Forty nine percent of them bring a packed lunch, and thirty five percent of them supplement home-made sandwiches with soup, milk or snacks from the canteens. A minority (ten percent) buy their whole lunch from the canteens.

Of the respondents, forty percent are fairly satisfied with the restaurants, twenty seven percent are dissatisfied, and the rest are neutral. Of the seventy percent who think something should change, three quarters say prices should go down. Albron hopes to improve the situation by adding more cheap basics to the range and by offering different portion sizes for different prices. For the time being there will be no price rises, and the price of a slice of cheese will go down by five cents.

Next academic year, Albron also wants to bring itself more in line with Wageningen UR’s values by offering a healthier and more sustainable range of products. The waste problem will be tackled through bulk buying, using biodegradable cups and improving waste separation methods. The food on offer will become a bit healthier, with more fruit and salads and fewer fatty snacks. And if this means extra costs, they won’t be transferred to the customer.