News - March 28, 2013

AID raises great expectations

Suzanne Overbeek

Whatever you expect, the reality is always better. This is the cheerful catchphrase with which the AID organizers head for the 2013 annual introduction days. This year's theme is 'Beyond imagination'.

The new theme was announced with plenty of fanfare on 21 March at a party at Ceres. According to AID chair Sterre van de Zee, the theme is about first year students getting to know Wageningen as a student city. A new feature of this year's AID programme is the Sunday morning activity. Besides the Christian church service, several other religions will also be featured. 'Initial contact has been made with the Mosque in Wageningen,' says Sterre van der Zee.
Mentors will be picked as before by drawing weighted lots. Van der Zee: 'That went well last year. It is a fair system in which the preference is for students who have not been mentors before, and which also takes into account membership in big associations. Besides, this way the website will not be overloaded.
Registration for BSc mentors will close at 5 pm on Friday 29 March.' This year will also see the cooperation with IxESN being continued. MSc mentors who opt to participate in the buddy programme can take part in IxESN organized activities with their group for six months after the AID. The light MSc programme will also be organized again.
This year, the AID organizers expect to have 15 percent more BSc students and almost the same number of MSc students as last year.