News - August 13, 2015

AID in the race for the Netherlands’ greenest intro week

The AID board wants to organize the country’s most sustainable introduction week here in Wageningen. The competition with other student cities is intense. ‘Last year we won third prize, I believe,’ says Koen van Bezu, chair of the AID board. ‘Green’ Wageningen University should be able to improve on that.

For three years in a row the university has already received the SustainaBul – the prize for the most sustainable higher education institution – from the national sustainability network Students for Tomorrow. Now the time is ripe to bring home the award for the most sustainable introduction week. ‘Among other things, we’ll be using the Green Man,’ says AID board member Lauren Huisman. Dressed in a green Morphsuit, this Green Man will be giving AID participants green tips, for example that it is better to drink tap water than bottled water. And at lunch time he may turn up near the waste bins to point out to AID participants that they must separate their rubbish.

An important weapon in the battle for the most sustainable introduction is a special AID app. This app is new and includes the AID events programme, assignments that AID participants must do at certain AID activities and a discount voucher for a bottle of wine. Thanks to the app, the information pack given out at the start of the week will contain considerably less paper. Another useful app is the WURpp, which will be relaunched during the AID. This app enables Wageningen students to win prizes by completing assignments. For each assignment they are awarded points that they can use to win bags, a party tent or a bicycle. The new improved app is more user friendly, has a Hall of Fame containing the best submissions and provides a ranking, so that students can compete with one another.

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