News - February 26, 2014

AID 2014 will be a blast

Linda van der Nat

The introduction days for new first-years should be one big party. That’s why the AID Board has chosen a cracking theme: Alive and Kickin’.

‘We thought it would be fun to choose a theme that exudes energy,’ says board member Vera Wiegman. ‘And the colour red goes with that.’ With a generous sprinkling of confetti the theme for the AID was announced on Thursday 20 February; the venue was the student cafe The Spot in Orion. The party drew no fewer than 600 visitors, showing once again that this is an event that no student should miss.

As the number of Wageningen first-years who register for the introduction days is increasing every year, this year it was decided to do things differently from last year. Now, for example, a second - English-speaking -  Biercantus will be held in order to involve international students and the Comedy Crawl will no longer visit a selection of Wageningen bars but will be held in various rooms of the Junushoff. The brunch at Argo has been scrapped. ‘The event is simply too big for the venue,’ says Vera. ‘We are expecting some 2000 AID participants, but we are planning for 2200.’ Instead of the brunch at the student rowing club, AID participants will be lunching at their mentors’ homes.

Tradition dictates that registration for BSC mentors opens during the announcement party. Already more than 200 mentors have registered. The deadline for registration is Thursday 27 February.  Registration for crew members and mentors for MSc groups will remain open.