News - November 29, 2012

'A one-off living room concert is a damp squib'

Who? Guy Corneille
What? Singer in the Utrecht band La Corneille
Why? The band started its living room concert tour in Wageningen

Why a living room tour?
'During the Popronde we played in Den Bosch as well. Afterwards someone in the audience came up to us and said, I want to organize a living room concert with you. We thought: nice idea, we'll do it. But a one-off living room concert is a bit of a damp squib so we wanted to make a tour of it. We got the rest of the living rooms through an announcement on our Facebook page. Over the next month we'll be playing in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Almere and Den Bosch.' 
A new kind of cross-fertilization between social media and pop music?
'Could be. Facebook goes very well with living room concerts: everyone can organize one for themselves. For one of the concerts we approached an organization that sets up living room concerts, and we set up the rest through Facebook. We thought it would really be much nicer to ask our friends and fans ourselves. Fans can promote a concert much better than a PR bureau, too.'
Will you make anything on it?
'We hope at least to break even. Beyond that we'll have to see. We can't expect to make serious money. But that is not the aim. Apart from Wageningen they are almost all towns we have never been to before. We are just hoping to reach some new people. If we have 50 likes on Facebook at the end of the tour, that will count as profit too.'