News - October 13, 2011

A bit 'boring'

No rain, no mud, last Wednesday I experienced an abnormal windy Grondboren night. Honestly, even with six black-outs of the power generator, I found the game a bit boring. Everybody talked Dutch!

My lovely corridor- and team-mates in the game
Grondboren, soil-drilling in English, was a legendary word in my Dutch dictionary: a game consisting of typical Dutch team-work and fun. Last year I was a little jealous of my corridor mates when they came back from the game with muddy shoes, dirty hands but happy faces. I promised myself I couldn't miss it this year.
Beforehand, my friend gave me candid advice: 'Derek, all you need are your oldest pair of shoes, worn-out clothes, and a standby mood for the unpredictable Dutch weather.' The cliché says 'prepare for the worst, hope for the best', however, it turned out to be a day even with a blink of sunshine in the afternoon.
I rushed to Haarweg without cramming my stomach in advance as I thought there was a big BBQ waiting for me. To my disappointment, I didn't see any feast but a €5 coupon just including one sausage, one hamburger, one skewer and two cups of drink. The unlimited bread supply was the only stuff that could appease my hunger (Unlimited? Is it sponsored by AID Board?). This cruel reality vividly taught me what 'nothing for nothing' exactly means.
Haven't I told you how to play the game? OK, for simplicity, I would like to summarize it into a story of an auger and two persons, one for drill digging, one for drill cleaning. I know a picture is worth more than one thousand words, let alone a videoclip, so I got a short film of the Grondboren finale 2010 (made by Resource) for you.
How was our team's performance? Forget it, we even failed to scrape through the first found.
Am I nagging? No, I loved the Grondboren. I enjoyed playing with my team buddies and felt proud of my muddy hands.
The only pity was the lack of the international participants. Several teams of IxESN were the only international element I could recognize. What if there is an all-Chinese team or all-Indian team for instance? A foreign champion in the Grondboren? Why not? I eagerly look forward to it coming true in 2012.