News - January 12, 2017

Zombie (1)

Zombies don't exist. That’s because we would eventually beat the zombies, according to calculations by Leicester University students. If there was a zombie virus in which each zombie killed one victim a day and we did nothing, we would be history after 100 days as the global population would fall to 273.

Zombie (2)

But there is hope because if we fought back, it would take much longer. Immunity would come into play and humans would eventually win. This study actually has a serious purpose as the idea is to let students play with scientific methods and techniques. The Journal of Physics, Special Topics, which is peer reviewed and run by students, is full of such ‘fun science’.


Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered that earwax is a thick, viscous fluid that becomes less viscous under pressure. The sticky substance works as a filter for the ears. When combined with dirt, earwax becomes granular and automatically comes loose to be replaced by new earwax. Unless you start poking around in your ears yourself, of course. The scientists now want to develop artificial earwax for technological applications.


How long did dinosaurs sit on their eggs for? Biologists at Florida State University are able to work that out to the nearest day. They use growth rings in the teeth of baby dinosaur skeletons. The Protoceratops crawled out of its egg after three months. That puts the dino closer to a primitive reptile than a bird.