Student - January 19, 2016

Young graduates often work below their level

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From washing up to simple administrative jobs; about half of the young graduates start with a job that is actually too simple.

Werken onder niveau

Photo: Claude Précourt

When students graduate they initially work below their level, this was found in research of Statistics Netherlands (CBS). This happens less often to women than men.

Once they have started off, most of the graduates find a better job. Of the 25 to 35 year olds a third still has a job under their level.

After that something remarkable happens: woman above 35 more often settle with a job that is maybe not as challenging as they can manage. According to the CBS this is often because after woman have given birth to their first child, they often work part time. Because of that they develop less work experience which reduces their career opportunities.

In the ‘services’ sector most young graduates work below their level (57 percent), and also in the sector ‘health and wellness’ many higher educated people work for medium or lower educated jobs (34 percent). In the ‘mathematics, sciences, and computer science’ sector it happens the least (21 percent).

In this research the CBS looked at if somebody’s level of education is higher or lower than the most common education level within their job.

Higher educated working under their level shown by age and sex, 2015-III
Higher educated working under their level shown by age and sex, 2015-III