Student - April 6, 2017

You on Campus (11)

Annie Berendsen

Some friends call him MC Flowerhill, but his real name is Lukas Blumberg (22). Two and a half years ago he left Heidelberg, Germany, for Wageningen. The Bachelor’s student took a summer course in Dutch and understands almost everything, but he prefers to talk in English.

English is the dominant language in Lukas’s social life and most of the courses in his second year of the BSc in Biotechnology are also in English. He thinks this is a good thing: ‘This makes your Bachelor’s degree useful not only in the Netherlands, but all over the world.’

At high school in Germany, Lucas already focussed on biotechnology, but mainly on the microbiology side of things. Now he is learning more about process technology, which he finds very interesting. ‘I would like to grasp all of it, although I need some more time.’

Lukas grows vegetables in the Computechnion

When Lukas arrived in Wageningen, he lived in housing for international students on the Haarweg. Later, he helped renovate the Computechnion building at the Dreijen, a former education building that now houses students. Then he got to choose his own room there. Computechnion not only gives him a place to live, but also new hobbies such as indoor gardening. He can do this with the Urban Grow Community Computechnion. ‘At first, we planned to grow all the vegetables that we need, but unfortunately we don’t have enough space for that.’ Because most members are busy with their studies, Lukas hopes that more people will become involved and that they will be able to expand the project.

Lukas will probably do his Master’s in Wageningen as well, so he will be here for quite some time. He hopes he can continue to live at the Dreijen, even though it is only a five-year project: ‘I can imagine that investors want to build houses here, but I think it is best that the university uses it for student housing.’